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RC Chemical, is an on -line market place which offers a great deal of designer drugs and compounds, as per customers’ prerequisites. We ensure a planned range of products and we cater to the varying needs of our esteemed client base. Through years of persistent and diligent work, maintaining rigorous quality models, steady research and development and our zeal to meet customer needs globally has earned us a huge market share in the domain of designer drugs and similar products. Thus today we are a noted brand in the market and people trust us for our quality and customer services. Not only we serve customers across the globe but we also make alterations in terms of size, type and pricing as and when required.

Under the flagship brand of RC Chemical, 4MPD stands out as the most sought after products. Our researchers have dedicated enormous time and have utilized their expertise in experimenting with the compound, so that the final product can showcase high degree of purity and can pass all quality checks, also the applications and utility of the product thus formulated can be manifold. The compound 4 MPD comes with a statutory warning of being very effective and of having a high degree of stimulating effect, thus we suggest customers to first test the product and understand its dosages and effects. Typically a moderate dose has its effect lingering around 8 to 10 hours. You can take them orally or by inhalation. To make matters simple, we help our customers with an option to initially buy the product in a small quantity for their experimentation, once customers are convinced of the products’ utility and application, they can go ahead and procure larger quantities, we can also assist them with wholesale discounts. Our sample packages contain 5-15m gm and just need to pay a nominal amount for shipping charges whereas the product come for free.

How can you place order and pay online and where to buy 4MPD?

We guarantee delivery of the products as soon as the payment shave been made and customers can make payments easily through their credit cards or through PayPal. You can also get 5MAPB for sale We work towards hassle-free delivery and our expected delivery for U.S. remains 4 to 7 days , where as for U.K. , we take 4- 6 days, the delivery time at times increases due to national holidays or some weather issues. We also exchange any defective product free of cost. There is an option of insuring your products too at a very low cost of 10% of the total amount; this lets us take care of your order in case of any unfortunate incident like orders going missing etc.  and it ensures that the product reaches you on time, you can also track the order to find what is the exact location it has reached.

For any other query or help, we would request you to get connected with our executives, who would be glad to assist you.

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